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Training Courses


Agile Training

As an IC Agile member organisation, FEATUR Labs is able to offer a range of Agile training courses and certification within our Agile Fundamentals learning pathway. Our comprehensive approach builds a thorough foundation knowledge in Agile in combination within experiential activities and the opportunity to network with like-minded learners.
There’s never been a better time to start than right now. Whether you’re just starting to explore certification or an experienced practitioner looking to supercharge your skills, we can help.
The Agile Fundamentals learning pathway is designed to meet your learning needs as an Agile Practitioner from beginning and all the way through your development.

Agile Fundamentals

Recommended for anyone starting out in Agile, this is the foundation course where learners will discover how to develop an Agile mindset, understand the practices of common frameworks including Scrum and Kanban, practice adaptive planning techniques and engage with iterative feedback cycles.
This is an interactive virtual course of self-spaced study and tutor led virtual classrooms, each learning activity is designed to accelerate your knowledge and engage your ability to bring theory into your day to day work.
This course is suitable for anyone new to Agile and emphasises the difference between ‘doing’ Agile and ‘being’ Agile within a range of frameworks and focused on the importance of mindset.